Dear Talia Omansky. You create and compose that God has blessed you with your amazing ability to play nature: works such as Autumn and Spring are beautiful and every ear is delighted to hear them. I’m a lake and really enjoy playing your creations

About Talya

Talya is a pianist and a composer with a rich background of over 30 years as a musician and a piano teacher. With a MFA in music, Umansky has studied composing with the composer Klara Katzman in Russia. She wrote pieces for the piano, choir and violin and her music was performed by the Yekaterinburg Philharmonic. She also wrote and composed the children’s opera “Puss in Boots” that was produced and performed in 1980 and 1983 in Tyumen Philharmonic. In 1983 Umansky won 3rd place at a Composers Competition of Ural and Siberia with 3 pieces for the piano. Among some of her works in Israel – the children’s musical-ballet “Thumbelina” and the bestselling book “Shirei Hagim”, a compilation of Jewish holiday song arrangements for the piano that was published in 2000 by Modan Publishing. In 2011, 89 pieces for the piano were published in “To the Piano with Love” series.